PROMPT Therapy

Traditional speech therapy relies on clients being able to imitate sounds by copying what they see and hear.  This works well when the client has normal muscle movements and tone and is easily able to copy sounds.

However, there are some clients may have difficulties doing this and would benefit from PROMPT based therapy.

PROMPT® therapy builds a client’s speech without relying on their ability to copy what they see and hear.  PROMPT addresses the underlying movement problems, not just speech sounds, which are often the focus in traditional therapy.  Many adults and children with complex speech problems have underlying speech movement issues that need to be addressed if their speech is to improve.

Traditional therapy also relies on clients being able to copy speech movements using sight or hearing.  PROMPT introduces a tactile kinesthetic element that enables people to “feel” what they are supposed to do. It is a very powerful way to teach.

PROMPT addresses cognitive, social, pragmatic, behavioral, sensory-motor, and physical domains, using the child’s strengths to maximize his/her potential for communication.

9 Key Components of PROMPT

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