Speech Pathologists play a critical and direct role in the development of literacy for children as it is based on established connections between spoken and written language, including that (a) spoken language provides the foundation for the development of reading and writing; (b) spoken and written language have a reciprocal relationship, such that each builds on the other to result in general language and literacy competence, starting early and continuing through childhood into adulthood; (c) children with spoken language problems frequently have difficulty learning to read and write, and children with reading and writing problems frequently have difficulty with spoken language; and that (d) instruction in spoken language can result in growth in written language, and instruction in written language can result in growth in spoken language. (ASHA 2001) .

Kids Communicate provides assessment and intervention to support literacy learning. Collaboration with the clients kindergarten or school is beneficial to support generalising news skills across environments.

Kids Communicate will be running a 6 week school readiness program (link to workshop section) in term 4, 2017 at the Bentleigh Clinic.

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Citation: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. (2001). Roles and responsibilities of speech-language pathologists with respect to reading and writing in children and adolescents [Guidelines]. Available

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