Kids Communicate Speech Pathology provide a range of services for preschool and school aged children with developmental delays, specific speech/language learning difficulties, children on the Autism Spectrum and children with complex communication needs.

Every child has the right to be able to become effective and efficient communicators, to understand others and to be understood. Our aim is to provide our clients with individually tailored assessment and intervention options by working collaboratively with parents, carers, assistants, teachers and other health professionals in delivering an effective and a holistic intervention approach. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our practice and how we may be of service to you.

Delivering speech pathology services that
foster language & speech development
Oral Language Development

Oral Communication is the ability to talk with others to give and exchange information & ideas, such as: ask questions, give directions, coordinate work tasks, explain & describe.

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Social Skills

A social skill is any skill facilitating interaction and communication with others.

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Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) include all forms of communication (other than oral speech) that are used to express thoughts, needs, wants and ideas.

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Literacy is most commonly understood as reading and writing. This encompasses the ability to understand spoken words and decode written words.

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Listening Skills

Listening comprehension encompasses the multiple processes involved in understanding and making sense of spoken language.

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PROMPT Therapy

Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets. The technique is a tactile-kinesthetic approach that uses touch cues to a patient’s articulators (jaw, tongue, lips) to manually guide them through a targeted word, phrase or sentence.

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